Communicable lyrics / rhythms enthrall audiences in Tunis

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By John Owoo

(In Tunis – Tunisia)

Diverse music styles and dramatic fusion of rhythms continue to characterize the ongoing Carthage Music Festival in Tunis as music enthusiasts and critics savor recent artistic creations from various parts of Africa.

Cheering crowds at the Palais Des Congrès were thrilled with a rather compelling performance by Egyptian group Hawas through an equable presentation of tunes akin to folk songs accompanied by slow rhythms.

Despite an uncanny problem with vocals, the band, which comprise artists from diverse musical backgrounds nonetheless shifted into high tempo and treated the audience to a variety of communicable tunes.

Tunisian band Sanaat mounted the stage with infectious and contagious lyrics laced with contemporary issues that charmed the audience, who cheered, applauded and demanded more from the group.

Cine Vog, which is located near the rocky beaches of Kram, a town in the Tunis Governorate, hosted a brief but mesmeric concert that ignited the hall with rapid changing paces while showcasing their mastery of instruments.

Comprising several hip-hop stars from the suburbs of Tunis, El Banda band immediately attracted the attention of young members of the audience with messages that they identify with as they danced and applauded.

Violinist Zied Zouari presented himself as an inter generational artist with a successful fusion of Nubian, Bedouin rhythms with hip-hop, electro, dub and beat box thereby satisfying all age groups in the crowd.

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Snoussi Lidhieb

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