Visually captivating & emotionally striking dance woo audience

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By John Owoo
Alliance Française – Accra

“The March”, a dance piece which involved artists from diverse cultures that explored human perception and challenged inherent sensitivities last week received cheers at the Alliance Française in Accra.

Comprising Hamadou Sanogo (Mali) Foli Adjo Delali (Togo), Mbali Nkosi (South Africa) Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui (Togo) alongside Felix Dompreh (Ghana), the group radiated tenacious power as they engaged in complex movements that were inspired by images of American photographer Kenturah Davies.

Choreograhed by Felix Dompreh, the piece is full of sleek, compelling and clever movements. Undeniably, the dancers exhibited raw talent and skill acquired through their involvement in unpredicatble works commissioned from a range of choreorgraphers over the past several years.

With shadows cast on the screen, which created a feeling of multiple scenes, their bodies moved in unison while fingers, arms and heads transmitted messages through highly controlled and well crafted movements.

The dancers, who appeared visually and emotionally striking on stage, exhibited a rather captivating body language that laid bare the power and ability of the human body to tell stories.

Employing the use of a flag to convey the power of cultural symbols while projecting strength and solidarity, the commitment of the group was clearly phenomenal as they provoked a myriad of interpretations from the audience.

Interspersed with refreshing solos and duets, the piece, which was characterized by interwoven layers of well-structured scenes, was equally full of rhythm, innovation and originality.

Earlier dancers from the Noyam African Dance Institute in Dodowa (near Accra) engaged the crowd with a brilliant piece that set the tone for “The March”, which is set to tour several African and European countries in the next several months.

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2 Responses to Visually captivating & emotionally striking dance woo audience

  1. Trish says:

    WOW Mr John Owooo that is quite a critique. Great Job!

  2. Vanessa says:

    A clever / mesmerizing review – congrats

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