Shrewd fusion of rhythms rock Carthage Music Festival

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By John Owoo

(In Tunis – Tunisia)

Morrocan group Aywa, last night set the Palais des Congrès in Tunis ablaze with a magical performance that engaged the constant attention of the audience, who chanted and sang alongside the charismatic artists.

Performing at the 2017 edition of Carthage Music Festival, the group showcased a magnetic stage presence while a variety of instruments worked beautifully with the talented singer Abdil Smaali.

Through a shrewd mixture of various rhythms including jazz, rock and funk with Moroccan rhythms, the group consolidated its popularity with the fans as they moved closer for a sustained dance in front of the stage.

“The concert was an electrical one – the audience had a wonderful time with the musicians, who appeared to be equally enjoying themselves. Their highly charged rhythms and poise of the singer added to the fun”, said Yozri Lakkani, a teacher in Tunis.

It was a curiously entertaining evening as Tunisian heavy metal group Nawather moved on stage. Despite a cool blend with oriental music, part of the audience appeared fazed while others cheered the group.

Nevertheless, they played as if they are the last standing band in a war zone – drowning intense heavy metal in the theatre as a lady vocalist crisscrossed the stage at regular intervals while reminding the audience of how potent they can be.

“It was raw fun – we enjoyed every bit of the concert since we do identify with the music. The crowd actually went wild with joy as the band unleashed uplifting sounds on them”, added Sarah Abdel, a student in Tunis.

In an earlier concert at the famous Avenue Bourgiba, located in the centre of Tunis, Egyptian group Fayrouz Karawya treated an enthusiastic crowd to an amalgam of jazz and traditional rhythms that drew cheers from members of the audience.

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Photo Credits:

Wiem Ben Amor

Amina Barhoumi

Eya Zgolli

Najjar Hella

Snoussi Lidhieb

Ines Rezgui

Elyes Aouinet






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