Kids photo exhibition ends in Accra

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By John Owoo

(In Accra – Ghana)

A photo exhibition of kids that followed workshops in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Accra (Ghana) that showcase similarities in creativity by kids in both cities is closing at the James Town Café in Accra.  

The workshops, which were moderated by photographers Teresa Meka (Ghana) and Katharina Ley (Germany), was a transcultural exchange that applied the same concepts in both cities while enabling participants to learn from each others daily lives.

The project encompassed the use of paper bags as masks that take on diverse functions through the creativity of the kids while learning basic photography techniques, which they applied in a rather dramatic manner.  

The masks were installed in a way that allowed a visual barrier thereby enabling the onlooker or subject to be photographed while creating and developing another perspective – indeed a more distanced approach to day-to-day activities that regularly engage these kids and others. 

These rather inviting photos tend to navigate the ties that bind kids all over the world – undeniably some of the works bear striking similarities although created thousands of kilometers apart.

Indeed, the images cross-examine the dynamics, thought patterns, triumphs and challenges that occur across cultural, social, economic and political differences while showing apparent similarities.

The children were handed one-way analogue (27 exposure) cameras. Being products of the digital age, this presented a slight challenge to them. Having unlimited options of taking millions of photos with their cellphones, the 27 exposures had to be used diligently.

Kabawil e.V (Germany) organized the project in collaboration with Haduwa Arts and Cultural project (Ghana) with Petron Kron as Artistic Director and Yibor Kojo Yibor as Project Manager.

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