Jackson Shuri: New York artist to exhibit in London

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By John Owoo

(In Accra – Ghana)

An exhibition of artworks by New York City based mixed media painter Jackson Shuri that are inspired by diverse issues will on Friday February 15 open at the Creative Campus of the National Institute for African Studies in London, United Kingdom.

Also a curator and cultural educator, Shuri’s work comprise figurative and abstract forms that employ a wide range of colours to define planes beneath rugged outlines of geometric figures, symbols and shapes.

With stylized human figures, web-like shapes, Shuri comments on various subjects including politics, pop culture, reproductive rights, womanhood, diseases, love and female genital mutilation through vibrant patterning and interwoven cool / warm colours.

Shuri, who exhibited her works in the Senegalese capital Dakar, during Dak Art 2018, continually explores ideas and materials through educational and aesthetic practices that involve an intelligent use of the visual and performing arts.

Employing delicate lines and figures in semi defined abstract spaces; the Afro haired artist varies her hues while working with distinct outlines. With calm brush strokes, she conveys her narratives to the viewer through an effervescent painterly experience.

With culture, gender, West African textiles / symbols inspiring and stimulating her creative process, she super imposes past and present heritage while making a subtle use of calligraphy. Indeed, an echo of absence and presence resonate through her work thereby revealing infinite stories from her repertoire.

Educated at Farmingdale State University and Long Island University (both in the USA), she has been practicing between New York and Miami. She has exhibited widely in various parts of the United States including Florida, New York, San Francisco, New Jersey and others.  

The exhibition ends on Friday March 15, 2019.

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One Response to Jackson Shuri: New York artist to exhibit in London

  1. Merci beaucoup M. John. J’apprécie vraiment votre investissement en temps.
    John, I love your way with words and your accurate understanding of my works and practice. Thank you and I am honored that you invested in writing about my work. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for and within the artists communities on the continent of Africa and beyond.

    Much Gratitude Kind Sire
    Jackson Shuri

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