Exhibition explores Berlin’s diverse narrative in the 1990s

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By John Owoo

(In Berlin – Germany)

An epic multi media exhibition that effectively captures life in the German capital (Berlin) in the 1990s – is currently on display at the Alte Münze – a former coin manufacturing plant in the centre of Berlin.

Dubbed “Nineties Berlin”, the exhibition re-echoes Berlin’s reputation as a vivacious party city, political hub and a symbol of freedom that has attracted people from far and beyond to share in the life of this amazing city.

The visitor is confronted with a 270° multimedia presentation of videos and photographs that can comfortably be viewed from stands as well as a tunnel that vibrantly portrays events at the Berlin Wall and other parts of the city.

Indeed, the images can create a bit of perplexity as it rolls and rolls in front of the viewer while revealing glimpses of diverse life in Berlin during the period. These formidable images and sounds confront the viewer with anecdotes that tend to make one part of Berlin’s recent history.

Scenes include love parades, squatted buildings, installations by artists in free spaces, creation of art in spaces without permission, music, monetary union, relocation of the German parliament, Stasi headquarters, new clubs, club culture, morbid events at the Berlin wall, housing shortages, guns and the merging of police forces among others.

The love parade was a popular and free-access music festival that featured stages alongside floats with live music, DJs and dancers, who move continuously through the audience. It attracted huge crowds and was a significant part of the arts calendar in Berlin.

Undeniably, Berlin in the 1990s was one of the most symbolized, traditionalized and often misinterpreted periods of the last century largely due to geopolitical changes as well as cultural / social alterations – and the images provide an insight into this part of Berlin’s narrative.

The exhibition ends in February 2019.

Pictures – Courtesy of Nineties Berlin 

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