Buzz Meets Biz underway in Berlin

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By John Owoo

(In Berlin – Germany)

A three-week training programme designed for young musicians, promoters, music journalists, publishers and public relations practitioners is currently underway in the German capital Berlin.

Dubbed “Buzz Meets Biz”, twelve Ghanaians are part of the group, which comprise participants from Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. They will equally participate in two other workshops on “Business Development” in Spain and “Creation of Music” in Ghana.

The Berlin workshop is offering insights into music business – how to create revenues, deal with licensing and copyright issues, set up a distribution network and navigate the live music sector while gaining a deeper understanding of Germany’s music markets.

Organized by Andrea Goetzke, topics being discussed include “Introduction to Music Business”, “Music Scene in Berlin”, “Music in Film and Television”, “Music and Brands”, “Artist Management”, “Distribution and Labels” and “Touring / Business of Music from African Countries in Europe”.

Others are “International Tour Booking”, “Music Publishing”, “Music Law”, Copyright Online”, “The Role of New Technologies in the Music Business”, “Do-It-Together Strategies”, “Movement of Sounds” and “Techno / House Culture in Berlin”.

“The workshops have been insightful and highly educative – undeniably it makes me question the music industry in Ghana. I have realized I do have a lot to learn since I have plans to take my music to the world scene”, said Alex Wondergem, a musician from Ghana.

“Buzz Meets Biz” is a rewarding experience. I come from a contemporary background of music, which has a specific market. Nevertheless, I have been able to expand my knowledge while experiencing the fantastic music scene of Berlin”, added Jose Luis Fraga Carneiro”, a musician from Spain.

Among the high profile speakers / moderators are Dr. Jan Michael Kün (Academic / DJ), Prof. Dr. Hanno Fierday (Entertainment Lawyer), Dr. Till Kreutzer (Copyright Expert), Daniela Seitz (Writer /DJ), Melissa Perales (Festival Director / Promoter), Karolin Kretzschmar (Artist / Songwriter), Amir Abdullah (DJ / Label Owner) and Andy Inglis (Booking / Management Expert).

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and Goethe-Institut Ghana, “Buzz Meets Biz” is being organized by Music Pool Berlin, iRights, Fundacion Sgae, Cooperación Española, Africori, Goethe-Institut and the Alliance Française Accra.











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