All female band show class

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By John Owoo

(In Accra – Ghana)

Lipstick Band, an all-female group last Tuesday proved the capabilities of Ghanaian female instrumentalists during a captivating concert at the Goethe-Institut in Accra.

In a recorded performance, the band showcased music that is richly woven between the various instrumentalists while harmonies appeared grinding together with glorious friction and calmness.

With a direction towards jazz, the band delivered a poignant opener with “Lipstick”, an infectious tune composed by Sita Korley, which has widely been regarded as its signature tune.

In a rather slow-moving and all-enveloping show, the group showcased diverse arrangements which featured epic sequences thereby evoking sensitive, moving and emotional feelings.   

Undeniably, the performance was totally engaging with its delicate harmonies and rhythmic charm that will inevitably find their way into the grooves of their forthcoming album – and fans will be eager to hear it on record as well in a live environment.

With Sita Korley (Keyboard), Vida Ofoli (percussion), Winfred Thompson (bass), Abena Pomaah (guitar) and Abigail Aniapam (drums), Liptsick Band is without doubt the promising all-female band to emerge in Ghana over the past several decades.

Although music lovers are missing the live gig experience in a very big way, pre-recorded concerts such as this, which is being spearheaded by the Goethe-Institut, will enable fans enjoy live music from the comfort of their homes and elsewhere.

Lipstick Band, which won an award for women in creative arts industry in 2012 has participated in local and international festivals – these include “Nuit Atipiques de Koudougou” (Burkina Faso), “Stars de I’Intergration Culturelle Africaine” (Benin) and the 50th independence anniversary celebration of Ivory Coast (Abidjan).

Goethe-Institut Ghana supported the concert.

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