Angelika Heis – strokes and colours tell stories

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By John Owoo

(In Accra – Ghana)

Paintings by Austrian artist Angelika Heis are definitely not dogmatic and theoretical but rather encompass the basics of life – people, trees, tables, chairs and scenes from theatres, silent movies, dancing halls, parks and events.

Largely a self-trained artist, Heis employs semi abstracts and abstracts in cool colours through acrylics, crayons and oil to paint images that stand at the interface of story-telling and abstract expressionism.

Currently based in Vienna (Austria), her works are basically life experiences seen through her emotions – and these are characterized by splashes of cool colours, sharp and abrupt brush strokes – while allowing her creative instincts to generate further dynamism.

Equally, bold brush strokes and dramatic colour schemes by Heis, expose her call for achievement while burying her messages in abstracts that appear so familiar yet very distant, confusing and probably alien.

Heis, who comes from a large family of artists, has been painting since childhood. In recent years, one can notice a gradual change in her technique and colour quality, which attract and sustain the interest of viewers.

She has exhibited in several venues in Austria and beyond. Recent exhibitions include “Art Aqua” (December 2020), “Transformation” (February 2021), Galerie Shop (May 2021) and another which ended last week at Josef Strasse in Vienna.

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